Wholesale Mutton Suppliers

Our company can offer reliable wholesale mutton suppliers in Bangalore. We are a leading meat wholesaler with a reputation for having legendary standards.

Fresh Box can supply your business with the finest wholesale meat and poultry whether you are a caterer, hotel, restaurant, café, residential home, pub, club, golf course, school kitchen, a corporate canteen, or even just planning a big event. Our main customers are the catering trade and key Bangalore areas.

We offer friendly, professional services that cater to your needs, so you don't have to worry about finding the right answer to your questions.

We choose to source our meat locally wherever possible in order to provide fresh products and to support local farmers. Meat is generally available throughout the year.

Even though we offer a wide range of products, we never compromise on quality. We provide premium products that meet the highest hygiene standards. The range of products that we offer includes everything from meat, prawns, and sea food to bespoke orders for specialty items, including whole ranges. Whether you're looking for regular daily deliveries or one-off services, we can fulfill any size order.

Depending on the time your order and where you are based we can often deliver to you on the same day all other orders will be arriving the following day. From exotic meat to seasonal sea food we supply our huge selection of meat and poultry for different needs.

We are Fresh Box, one of Bangalore's leading suppliers of Mutton, Fish & Poultry products. Fresh Box is located in Bangalore.We supply good quality products that give our customers a competitive advantage through superior products and value, so we can make every customer smile.

Fresh Box located in the heart of Bangalore, includes temperature controlled processing units, chillers, blast freezers and refrigerators. Latest equipment together with skilled personnel deliver exceptional quality products with neat cuts.

Why Choose Us

We supply products customised as per client requirements across Bangalore. Robust packaging prevents contamination and enables ease of handling. Our clientele includes renowned hotels, restaurants, malls, shipping and catering companies.

A customer always deserves the best quality & product however in a changing world customers are looking for diverse product range, we are glad to say we supply one of the largest varieties of meat in Bangalore

We supply high quality meat, poultry and sea food to hotels & restaurants, schools & colleges, care homes, and catering companies.

Health & Safety compliance and environmentally friendly practice are key to our product delivery. Furthermore, all our staff have taken food hygiene training

If you are looking for reliable mutton suppliers in Bangalore, please feel free to contact us. We deliver cut orders in temperature controlled boxes via overnight courier so you can be assured of door-to-door freshness. From the moment your order is processed to the moment it arrives at your doorstep, you can expect the highest quality standards. With our great prices, we provide the best quality whole/by parts freshly slaughtered meat.

Product Features

* 100% Clean
* No yellowness
* No feathers/any dirt
* No bad smell
* No blood
* No black pad
* No bruise
* No chemical burn
* Broken bones less than 1%
* Moisture less than 2%
* No black spot

Packing & Delivery

Packaging services that are professional, environmentally friendly, convenient, and efficient are provided in order to guarantee the safety of the meat. We also offer custom packaging.

Choose Fresh Box for lean, quality, fresh, and affordable meat. wholesale meat in Bangalore. There is no way a consumer can go wrong with meat. It has the best recipes and provides the best source of protein.


The Tech of it

System driven processes to forecast demand, streamline billing, ensure collection, tracking and drive corporate governance.

Forecast better

Enables to predict demand for specific meats at specific outlets and estimate business volumes, thus streamlining supply.

Choice of pricing

Based on the quantity of meats required, our technology allows businesses to choose their prices at each stage of purchase.

Loyalty mechanics

With in-built mechanisms, the platform has the potential to retain customers thus ensuring a stickiness to the brand.

End-to-end control

Complete control of supply chain - from procurement to delivery with reefer vehicles and temperature-controlled chiller rooms to ensure clockwork efficiency.



Freshbox is a one stop meat, poultry and seafood supply platform for hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs, cafes and clubs.
  • Fresh and hygienic meat, poultry and seafood for your daily requirements
  • Consistent supply, delivered to your doorstep every morning
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Fair and competitive pricing
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Any items you want to return (due to quality concerns) need to be returned at the time of delivery. We do not accept returns once the item has been claimed.