Wholesale Fish Suppliers

We are one of the leading supplier of quality fish in Bangalore.We cater to domestic and international market requirement.

With regards to backward links with fishermen, farmers, self-help groups, fisherman co-op societies, and farming groups, our Company has a good strong backward link. Seafood Processing industries have perishable inputs and outputs. The benefits of these effective links are enhanced brand value, increased efficiency, and economic operations.We have vast network for sourcing all over India.

We procure fish from Fishing Harbors in Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, wherein we have our own collection centers equipped with all necessary infrastructure and trained Workforce for selection of Quality material and Online Inspection at the Fishing harbor or Farm Gate. We have state of the art pre-processing center which facilitates fish cleaning and cutting.

we supply this to our Contract Fishing Boats so that the quality of catch is not degraded. All the necessary nutrients are safe guarded. Hence fish procured from us is healthy, nutritious, fresh and offers value for your hard earned money. We have our State of the Art Fish Processing Unit with all the necessary infrastructure needed for processing quality products at the least possible time. Our facility adheres to different International Quality Norms in all processes so as to maintain a high Quality Standard and at the same time preserve the wellbeing of our staff. We provide fresh and premium quality fish.

We export a wide variety of sea-caught and aquaculture products which Include Indian Mackerel, Squid, Cuttlefish, Ribbon Fish, Croaker, Sea-Caught Shrimps, Vannamei Shrimps, Black Tiger etc.

We are committed to satisfy the needs of fish lovers through competitive prices, total quality control, consistency, on-time delivery, and premium services. We always aspire to enhance our product quality and update our export variety.

We are committed to use latest technology right from the raw material sourcing to processing, packaging and delivering superior quality products in Bangalore.

Freshbox has a dedicated team of passionate, trustworthy and qualified talents from seafood processing industry. We practice stringent recruitment process to ensure right person for the right job.

The senior management team responsible for strategic decisions and execution comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who brings decades of experience with them. Their expertise has been a tremendous value addition to our business.

The company has a workforce who contribute in all aspects of organizations business right from raw material purchase, processing, quality control, quality assurance, packing, dispatch, sales, customer service etc.


To be a renowned exporter of Fishes in Bangalore.


Speed & Reliability


To export range of fresh, hygienic, nutritious and high quality fishes. To aim to export our products to leading Businesses in the Industry across the Bangalore by providing them value for money. To maintain high quality by procuring fish directly from fisherman and aquaculture farmers.


The Tech of it

System driven processes to forecast demand, streamline billing, ensure collection, tracking and drive corporate governance.

Forecast better

Enables to predict demand for specific meats at specific outlets and estimate business volumes, thus streamlining supply.

Choice of pricing

Based on the quantity of meats required, our technology allows businesses to choose their prices at each stage of purchase.

Loyalty mechanics

With in-built mechanisms, the platform has the potential to retain customers thus ensuring a stickiness to the brand.

End-to-end control

Complete control of supply chain - from procurement to delivery with reefer vehicles and temperature-controlled chiller rooms to ensure clockwork efficiency.



Freshbox is a one stop meat, poultry and seafood supply platform for hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs, cafes and clubs.
  • Fresh and hygienic meat, poultry and seafood for your daily requirements
  • Consistent supply, delivered to your doorstep every morning
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Fair and competitive pricing
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Any items you want to return (due to quality concerns) need to be returned at the time of delivery. We do not accept returns once the item has been claimed.