Frozen Chicken Wholesale Suppliers

With Freshbox, there is no room for shortcuts. Through our "All under one roof" philosophy, we have better control over our chicken farming operations.

We Know our chicken because we grow them. When we say we do not use any antibiotics we mean it.We believe that providing fresh antibiotic free frozen chicken to our consumers is our fundamental responsibility more than a standard operating procedure and we carry that spirit in everything we do

From a wide range of fresh or frozen pottery cuts up to full trucks or containers, we provide a complete range of just in time delivery across much of Bangalore, benefiting both the suppliers and customers.

Frozen chicken products are among our strengths as a leading manufacturer and supplier in Bangalore. Frozen Chicken Sales and After Sales Support in Bangalore employs trained professionals who are masters in this area. Providing assistance to our customers is never a problem for them. Our company is thriving rapidly due to their dedicated efforts and hard work. With years of experience in trading, manufacturing, and supplying, we have received over thousands of compliments from our customers for best quality Frozen Chicken in Bangalore. Whenever it comes to quality and products, we never upset anyone.

Fresh Box is one of the largest distributors of frozen chicken around the world. with complete engagement from processing to delivery. Our high quality and highly sought-after brands are what set us apart. We are Best Manufacturers, and suppliers of Quality Frozen Chicken.

Frozen Whole Chicken For Sale, Wholesale Various High Quality Frozen Whole Chicken For Sale Products from Freshbox


The Tech of it

System driven processes to forecast demand, streamline billing, ensure collection, tracking and drive corporate governance.

Forecast better

Enables to predict demand for specific meats at specific outlets and estimate business volumes, thus streamlining supply.

Choice of pricing

Based on the quantity of meats required, our technology allows businesses to choose their prices at each stage of purchase.

Loyalty mechanics

With in-built mechanisms, the platform has the potential to retain customers thus ensuring a stickiness to the brand.

End-to-end control

Complete control of supply chain - from procurement to delivery with reefer vehicles and temperature-controlled chiller rooms to ensure clockwork efficiency.



Freshbox is a one stop meat, poultry and seafood supply platform for hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs, cafes and clubs.
  • Fresh and hygienic meat, poultry and seafood for your daily requirements
  • Consistent supply, delivered to your doorstep every morning
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Fair and competitive pricing
Simply click the ‘Get in touch’ button and fill in your business details and we will get in touch, or call us on +91 9008782585 and we’ll do the rest.
Yes! Regardless of whether you operate a single outlets or a large chain of restaurants, you can order from Freshbox.
We accept cash and all other forms of digital payments.
You can call us on +91 9008782585 and +91 7349617982 and we’d be glad to help you sort the problem. No questions asked.
Any items you want to return (due to quality concerns) need to be returned at the time of delivery. We do not accept returns once the item has been claimed.