Broiler Chicken Suppliers

We at freshbox have been an epitome of integrity royality intensity in the Indian markets have been operating in the domestic and national areas to provide premium quality broiler chicken to our customers were serving as a manufacturer and retailer we have been proficiently maintaining easy supply and accessibility of a qualitative product range at cost saving prices.

Being one of the largest broiler chicken suppliers in Bangalore our keen focus remain on quality control.

From production to processing and packaging are experts keep their eye on every stage through which the chicken are passed. only the chicken that pass required norms and standards are further packet for supply our warehouse is well maintained with appropriate temperature conditions and provide with regular cleaning and sanitizing system for safety of chicken for long time.

We are the pioneers in poultry business with unmatched experience. Driven by desire for excellence.

At Freshbox we are passionate about food, as we believe food is more than just an experience. It is a vehicle for good health and nourishment. Our purpose is to provide quality and affordable nutrition and it defines our existence.

We provide our contract farmers the chickens, the feed, veterinarian care and technical advice, while our poultry farmer provides the day-to-day care of the birds, land and housing on which they’re raised. Farmers are paid based on their performance in raising the healthiest chickens, as per the guidelines in our contract, which also strictly prohibit the use of added hormones and steroids.

Our company is well recognized and identified as a major trader and supplier a substantial selection of Broiler Chicks in Bangalore. Our chicks are grown in best hygienic conditions to ensure good health and disease free breed. Our farm is equipped with latest facility which offers a good condition to these birds and helps them in offering healthy environment. Offered with us at rock bottom price range.


The Tech of it

System driven processes to forecast demand, streamline billing, ensure collection, tracking and drive corporate governance.

Forecast better

Enables to predict demand for specific meats at specific outlets and estimate business volumes, thus streamlining supply.

Choice of pricing

Based on the quantity of meats required, our technology allows businesses to choose their prices at each stage of purchase.

Loyalty mechanics

With in-built mechanisms, the platform has the potential to retain customers thus ensuring a stickiness to the brand.

End-to-end control

Complete control of supply chain - from procurement to delivery with reefer vehicles and temperature-controlled chiller rooms to ensure clockwork efficiency.



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