To organise the unorganised

Our reason to exist

To empower owners of small, medium and larger enterprises to source their meat seamlessly. Our larger vision is to be able to ensure the meat, that you as a paying customer consumes is fresh and safe.

Who we are

A tech-enabled meat aggregator platform with a mission of delivering meat that’s fairly priced, delivered on time and hygienically packed. There is a whole segment that has been given unfair treatment when it comes to service standards and organised supply of meat. To that end we believe our responsibility is two-fold - to you the customer and to our suppliers, not only must we deliver the goods, we must ensure everyone gets a fair price.

Our Team

A varied and experienced team of professionals with food, logistics and cold-chain, and brand marketing experience. With a combined experience of over 50 years, we bring a level of professionalism that is lacking in the industry.